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Why are attackers now targeting storage and backup service systems? Let me start with the good news. There’s been huge progress over the last two decades in increasing the security of the network, computer and application layer, But here comes the bad news. Security innovation for storage and backup remains low.

Why do I need to Secure my Storage and Backup ?

While an attack on an endpoint or server can cause problems, one that targets storage or backup can be truly devastating. This is because an attack on single storage can bring down thousands of servers and wipe out terabytes of data. Attackers can also destroy snapshots and backups. This can be done under the radar, without any alerts being triggered by threat Intel or data loss prevention tools.

When a hacker gets control of a desktop, the damage is not that much. But when a hacker gains control over your storage & backup, they have access to All of your Data, which can be devastating.

So it’s really not surprising that storage and backup are your last line of defense against ransomware. The good news is that properly hardened storage and backup will guarantee quick recovery.

Continuity – Storage Backup and Security

To ensure all these storage and backup threats, there is a solution provider, continuity software, that helps enterprises protect their data by securing their storage & backup systems – both on-premises and in the cloud.

Continuity’s StorageGuard complements existing data-protection solutions, by adding a layer of security that prevents attackers from penetrating your storage & backup systems, and reaching the mass of data stored there.

Features of StorageGuard

StorageGuard scans data storage, storage management, and backup systems for vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations. It provides complete visibility of the storage and backup blind spots, with the most urgent storage risks automatically getting prioritized. 

  • It continuously scans and analyzes your data storage and backups.
  • It automatically detects any types of security risks.
  • It gives Overall health and compliance reports.
  • It Ensures that all of your storage and backup systems can fight against ransomware and other attacks to prevent data loss.
  • It Guarantees storage & backup systems are compliant with security regulations and standards.

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