Speek! The P2P Anonymous Messenger Utilizing Tor Services

In this article, we will get to know about the Speek App, which is an end-to-end encrypted, decentralized, and open-source chat app that uses Tor services. The Speek messenger is the first decentralized, censorship-resistant, and anonymous messenger worldwide by design.

‘Speek!’ A P2P Instant Messaging App for Linux/Android/Windows/Mac

How it Works?

All messages are end-to-end encrypted. The Speek client is creating a Tor hidden service on the client’s PC. The message is then routed via the Tor onion network to the receiver, allowing the IP addresses to be never public and thus helping in that the user can stay anonymous. The users get identified with their public keys, and Users can share their public keys with others to add them to the contacts list.

Comparison with Other Messaging Apps

If we compare Speek with Popular messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, then Speek is the most secure way to converse. Speek is serverless, stores no metadata, requires no ID or phone number, and all the messages are encrypted and routed via the Tor network.

Stores No Metadata X X X
Phone Number not Required X X X
is Serverless X X
Completely decentralized X X X
surveillance NOT Possible X X X
Open Source ___* X
end-to-end encryption

Features of Speek App

Decentralized – No mediator in between. Speek is completely decentralized.

Security – All Messages are end-to-end encrypted.

File sharing – Share files anonymously and secure.

No metadata – No metadata is stored.

No phone number – There is no need for a phone number to use Speek App.

Anonymous – Your IP address is never public.

Censorship-resistant by design – Speek makes it impossible to be censored. There is no mediator involved. All the messages are directly sent person to person.

Surveillance is impossible by design – Nobody can intercept your messages. The messages are stored only temporarily on the device on which you are using the Speek App, and when you close the device, all your messages get deleted.

No sign-ups: You are not required to share personal information to start using the service. You just need a public key to identify/add users.

You can download the Speek App from their official website Speek.network

Download Links

Get it from Microsoft 

Download on the App Mac Store

Download for GNU/Linux

Get it on Google Play Store

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