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If you are looking for the Labor Calculation App in Brazil, then you have come to the right place. This article will introduce you to the Calculadora Trabalhista Labor Calculator Application, a comprehensive tool created for those who need to calculate labor values in Brazil. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, this app allows users to easily compute values related to termination, pro-labore, and FGTS.

By inputting details such as gross salary, start and end dates of the contract, users can instantly determine the payments that need to be made in the event of termination, which includes expenses like vacation, 13th salary, prior notice, FGTS fine, and other costs. Moreover, the Labor Calculator App also provides current information regarding labor charges and FGTS rates.

To determine the pro-labore amounts, users are required to input details related to the overall pro-labore amount, paid taxes, INSS rate, and other relevant information. Using this information, the Labor Calculator App computes the pro-labore payment amount. Apart from this, the app also provides guidance on Brazilian labor laws, aiding users in comprehending their obligations and entitlements. Users can access beneficial information on labor-related matters, such as 13th salary, vacations, FGTS fine, prior notice, pro-labore, and other expenses.

Overall, The Labor Calculator App simplifies daily labor calculations for employees, employers, and service providers. It offers tools for Termination Calculation to determine severance pay, Thirteenth Calculation to calculate FGTS accumulation, and Prolabore Calculation to compute net value from gross pay for company partners.

Initially developed with Angular and Laravel as the backend, the Labor Calculator App was reconstructed in Golang in January 2023. The app is available as a mobile version on Google Play and as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) version on the web.

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Labor Calculator Calculation

1. Labor Termination Calculation

Using the Labor Termination Calculation, a CLT worker can calculate the severance pay related to the employment relationship. The tool allows users to conduct multiple termination simulations to determine the payment amount based on the reason for termination.

    1. Dismissal without just Cause : The app’s Dismissal Without Just Cause feature enables users to simulate the amount a worker will receive when dismissed. However, this calculation is more intricate than the app’s other simulations, as it involves several conditions that may increase the amount received, such as the 40% FGTS fine.
    2. Dismissal with Just Cause : This termination calculation is the simplest of them all, as it only considers the number of days the worker was employed in the month they were terminated.
    3. Resignation : This simulation pertains to workers who have resigned and is a middle ground between the other termination calculations. It’s important to note that this calculation does not include FGTS or the fine in the case of dismissal during the probationary period.

2. Pro-labore Calculation

Using the Pro-labore Calculation feature, the managing partner of a company can simulate their pro-labore. By entering their gross salary, the system automatically calculates the INSS and income tax deductions, as well as any applicable income tax deductions.

3. Calculate FGTS

The app enables workers to compute the amount of money accumulated in the FGTS balance over a certain period of time. It deducts the monthly amount based on the base salary and calculates the total accumulated. It is important to note that FGTS funds can only be withdrawn in certain circumstances, including purchasing a home, retirement, public calamity, death, and others.

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In conclusion, The Labor Calculator app is a valuable and reliable tool for those who deal with labor issues in Brazil. With precise calculations for termination, pro-labore, and FGTS, and useful information about labor laws, the app helps users save time and money. If you need to calculate labor values, the Labor Calculator app is definitely worth considering.

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