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Do you want to avoid being bombarded by so many newsletters in your personal email account that you are not even interested in? Then look no further than Mailscribe, which allows you to subscribe to newsletters with a separate email address. This way, your personal inbox stays clean and spam-free.

In this article, we will discuss the cool features Mailscribe provides and how you can use it to make an anonymous email account using their service. This way, you don’t need to share your personal email address with people you don’t know, and helps make your inbox spam free.

Mailscribe Review

What is Mailscribe?

Mailscribe is a mailbox service provider that allows you to create a separate email address to subscribe to newsletters. This way, your personal inbox stays clean and spam free of junk mail that you are not even interested in.

Now you can easily find the mail you are looking for, and no more sifting through junk mail to find the email you actually care about.

Features of Mailscribe

1. Spam-Free

With Mailscribe, you can create a separate email address to subscribe to the newsletters, and you don’t need to share your personal email account with people you don’t know. This way, you can be spam-free with junk mail that you get in your personal email account.

2. Separate Email

With Mailscribe, you can create separate email addresses for each newsletter you subscribe to. However, for each extra email address, you create, you need to pay $5 for a lifetime service. For a single Email address you create, the service is Free.

3. Security

With Mailscribe, you don’t need to be concerned about your personal security and privacy. Your personal inbox is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. This way, no one else can read your email without your permission, making your inbox safe and secure.

4. Clean Design

With Mailscribe, You get a clean and modern user interface that helps you navigate the platform easily and focus on what is important without being distracted.

5. Multiple Email Accounts

With Mailscribe, you can create multiple email accounts in one place with just a few clicks. This way, you can manage and control all your email from a single page.

6. Filters

With Mailscribe, you can use the filter option to find the emails you care about. This saves a lot of time in quickly finding the email you want to read.

7. Blocking

With Mailscribe, You can use the block option to block the emails you don’t want to receive. This way, you will only get the emails you actually care about.


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✔️Unlimited storage ✔️Unlimited storage
✔️Unlimited filters ✔️Unlimited filters
✔️Unlimited notifications ✔️Unlimited filters
✔️Unlimited filters ✔️Unlimited filters

How to Use Mailscribe?

In this section, You will learn how to use Mailscribe.

Step 1

  • Visit and click on Get Started, as shown in the image below.

Mailscribe Review

  • Next, Fill up the form and click on the Register button to register to the platform.

Mailscribe Review

  • After you register, you will get the user interface to look like this. Now click on the inbox settings to create an email address.

Mailscribe Review

  • To create a New email address, you need to input your desired name in the input field and then click on the save button, as shown in the image below.
  • The active Emails list will be shown right below the Active Email section.

Mailscribe Review

Note that you can only create one email address for free, and per extra email, you will have to pay $5.

  • Now you are ready to use the email address to start receiving newsletters.


In conclusion, Mailscribe is a great service that you can use to create a separate email address for newsletters, and this way, you can make your personal inbox clean and spam-free.

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