Java Programming for Kids

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Java Programming for Kids

Book Contents

  1. Your First Java Program
  2. Moving to Eclipse
  3. Pet and Fish – Java Classes
  4. Java Building Blocks
  5. Graphical Calculator
  6. Window Events
  7. The TIC-TAC-TOE Applet
  8. Program Errors – Exceptions
  9. Saving the Game Score
  10. More Java Building Blocks
  11. Back to Graphics – The Ping Pong Game

HTML Version Contents

  1. Writing Your First Program
  2. Getting Comfy in IDEA IDE
  3. Meet Classes – the Main Language Constructs
  4. Java Building Blocks
  5. Interfaces, Lambdas, Abstract and Anonymous Classes
  6. Access Levels, Collections, Generics, and Multi-Threading
  7. Introduction to GUI with JavaFX
  8. Programming User Interaction in JaaFX
  9. Dealing With Run-time Errors
  10. Creating a Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  11. Working With Files and Serialization
  12. Networking: Downloading Files from the Internet
  13. Creating a Ping-Pong Game
  14. Git for Kids

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